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About swapandmove

If you have questions about home swaps in general, about the swapandmove website, or about how to arrange a home swap, then please take a look in the sections below. We have tried to answer your most frequently asked questions.

Who can join swapandmove?
swapandmove is a service for tenants of local authorities and housing associations in the UK. Most tenants are eligible to do a home swap, but please see here for further details of who is eligible.
Do I have to pay to join swapandmove?
If your landlord has subscribed to swapandmove then the service is free for you to use. Even if your landlord has not subscribed to swapandmove you can use the service free for at least 3 months. After your free trial comes to an end you can choose to continue using swapandmove for a further 3 months for a total of £5.99.
How long does my membership of swapandmove last?
If your landlord has subscribed to swapandmove then your membership will last until you cancel it, unless your landlord ends their subscription. Please note that if you don’t sign in to swapandmove for over three months then your account will be closed.
Who can see my details once I have joined?
Details of your property will be visible to other members of swapandmove. Unregistered visitors to the website will be able to see some details of your property. Your contact details will only be visible to other members of swapandmove if you have agreed to this when registering. Your contact details will not be displayed to unregistered visitors to the website.
How do I make a complaint?
If you have a complaint specifically about the swapandmove website, please email us at Please note that we can only deal with issues concerning the website itself. We cannot deal with issues concerning other tenants or landlords.